Atlanta Airport (55H)

Atlanta Airport on map

Latitude: 43.813499 | Longitude: -115.135002

Atlanta Airport weather forecast

Sunrise: 08:04 AM Sunset: 05:44 PM Moonrise: 02:21 AM Moonset: 12:26 PM Max: -1,4 ℃ Min: -10,5 ℃ Avg: -6,7 ℃ Precip: 0 in Max wind: 4,9 mph
Wed 26, 00:00 am Wed 26, 03:00 am Wed 26, 06:00 am Wed 26, 09:00 am Wed 26, 12:00 pm Wed 26, 15:00 pm Wed 26, 18:00 pm Wed 26, 21:00 pm
Temp -10,2 ℃ -10,5 ℃ -9,1 ℃ -8,5 ℃ -2,8 ℃ -1,5 ℃ -3,6 ℃ -8,3 ℃
Wind 3,6 mph 3,6 mph 2,5 mph 3,6 mph 1,3 mph 4,9 mph 2,9 mph 4,5 mph
Precip 0 in 0 in 0 in 0 in 0 in 0 in 0 in 0 in
Cloud 34% 21% 18% 47% 100% 14% 15% 16%
Humidity 88% 86% 85% 80% 60% 66% 84% 89%
Pressure 30,5 in 30,49 in 30,44 in 30,4 in 30,29 in 30,26 in 30,3 in 30,46 in

About airport

The Atlanta Airport serves people from all over North America. It's exact coordinates are: 43.813499, -115.135002.

After completing the check-in stage, you’ll see the corresponding code on your luggage. Also, the airport’s ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) code is 55H, which allows it to be integrated into international flight scheduling.

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People also ask - FAQ

Atlanta Airport is open, you can verify this by reviewing the schedule of aircraft arrival and departure for the last 24 hours on the official website.
Atlanta Airport is located in the United States.
Atlanta Airport is located - North America, United States - 43.813499 / -115.135002.

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Reviews about Atlanta Airport (55H)

- 4 months ago

The airport is very beautiful in design and pleasant inside structure. Very modern. Clean, comfortable and well-groomed! Free Wi-Fi, good staff, pilots, air traffic controllers. Quarantine measures at the level.

- 4 months ago

Great airport, pleasant atmosphere, many useful services can be found here. The airport staff are very friendly and always ready to help you. Having visited this airport, I realized that this is one of the best airports I have ever been to. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to visit this place, enjoy the cultural setting around you. Good luck to you!

- 4 months ago

In terms of transportation accessibility, the airport is a convenient location for inhabitants and surrounding communities. From the time of entry until the time of landing, there is a bare minimum of time. It is really convenient and straightforward to use. There were no concerns about the staff's ability to do their duties. The buses at the airport are insecure. There is no problem with taking a cab if there is no desire to become familiar with the surroundings. There are no large groups of people in the parking area.

- 4 months ago

Convenient airport for residents and nearby settlements in terms of transport accessibility. A minimum of time passes from the moment of entry to landing. It is very convenient and easy to navigate. The staff does their job well, there were no questions. Airport buses are unstable. If there is no desire to adapt to them, then taking a taxi is not a problem. There are no crowds in the parking lot.

- 5 months ago

Love this airport. Clean, comfortable, air conditioner is everywhere. All stuff is friendly. you will never get lost there. They will always tell you where to go. And coffee!!! it's sooo great. not all coffee shops know how to do this. So if you will be here, try it with donuts!
Atlanta’s airport has an interesting architectural, never thought that airport could be so interesting place.

- 5 months ago

Atlanta Airport is a huge, modern, well-maintained airport. The service staff is very helpful. Despite the large area, it is easy to find the right terminal and gates - I was just following the signs.
It's very crowded but everything is organized. I didn't have any problems with queues. There are all the facilities for people and comfortable waiting. It's clean and not stuffy inside.

- 5 months ago

Atlanta Airport really liked its architecture. Everything is well thought out and beautifully implemented. All conditions for comfort and absence of queues are created. I've been there twice and my impressions are very positive.