French Southern Territories - TF

Name French Southern Territories (Cost of living)
Country ISO codes TF / ATF
Continent Antarctica
Continent code AN
Capital -
Area 3
DD coordinates -49.130677 / 69.582810
DMS coordinates -49°07'50.44" S / 69°34'58.12" E
UTM coordinates 42F 542516.48828864 4557853.8441062
Flag of French Southern Territories

French Southern Territories on map

French Southern Territories is a part of the Antarctica continent. It's geographical location is subject to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standardization, which, for French Southern Territories, is TF.

It's territory covers an area of 3 square kilometers. On nationwide level, French is declared to be the official language(es) of the country.

Highways and other transport links are characterized by a rather right-side road traffic.

Regular telecommunication operations are performed with the use of 262 prefix. Citizens and residents of the country use EUR as the main currency to purchase goods and pay for services.

More about French Southern Territories

Official languages French
Nationalities -
Road traffic Right
Domain zone .tf
Phone codes 262
Currencies EUR


Exportations 0,0 M $
Importations 0,0 M $


Airports 4

Popular cities in French Southern Territories

ISO 2 Flag Name Continent Capital Distance
CAN Flag of Canada Canada North America Ottawa 18781 km
USA Flag of United States United States North America - 18270 km
MEX Flag of Mexico Mexico North America Mexico City 17096 km
SPM Flag of Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint Pierre and Miquelon North America - 16068 km
BHS Flag of Bahamas Bahamas North America - 15968 km
BLZ Flag of Belize Belize North America Belmopan 15946 km
CUB Flag of Cuba Cuba North America - 15920 km
GTM Flag of Guatemala Guatemala North America Guatemala City 15880 km
GRL Flag of Greenland Greenland North America Nuuk 15845 km
BMU Flag of Bermuda Bermuda North America Hamilton 15819 km
ISO 2 Flag Name Continent Capital Distance
REU Flag of Reunion Reunion Africa - 3353 km
MUS Flag of Mauritius Mauritius Africa - 3386 km
MDG Flag of Madagascar Madagascar Africa Antananarivo 3940 km
LSO Flag of Lesotho Lesotho Africa Maseru 4091 km
SWZ Flag of Swaziland Swaziland Africa - 4118 km
ATA Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica - 4222 km
ZAF Flag of South Africa South Africa Africa Pretoria 4429 km
MOZ Flag of Mozambique Mozambique Africa Maputo 4550 km
MYT Flag of Mayotte Mayotte Africa - 4617 km
CCK Flag of Cocos [Keeling] Islands Cocos [Keeling] Islands Asia - 4812 km

There are many ways to find how far is French Southern Territories (TF) from other places on map, North pole, Equator or South pole, there are 2 common methods - the distance calculated in kilometers and miles by Haversine formula.

From French Southern Territories to Haversine
North pole 15471 km 9613 mil
Equator 8540 km 5307 mil
South pole 4544 km 2824 mil
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1208701 Cities
41339 Airports

People also ask - FAQ

The most longest distances between French Southern Territories and Canada is 18781 kilometers or 11670 miles.
The most smallest distances between French Southern Territories and Reunion is 3353 kilometers or 2083 miles.
The area of French Southern Territories (TF) is 3 square kilometers.
Yes, French Southern Territories is part of the continent of Antarctica.
Official name of TF is French Southern Territories.
French Southern Territories has approximately 4 airports.