Name Japan (Cost of living)
Country ISO codes JP / JPN
Continent Asia
Continent code AS
Capital Tokyo
Area 364555
DD coordinates 37.490032 / 136.466401
DMS coordinates 37°29'24.11" N / 136°27'59.04" E
UTM coordinates 53S 629636.20792277 4150245.22963
Total cities 18270
Flag of Japan

Japan on map

Japan is a part of the Asia continent. It's geographical location is subject to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standardization, which, for Japan, is JP.

It's territory covers an area of 364555 square kilometers. The country’s administration comes from Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. On nationwide level, Japanese is declared to be the official language(es) of the country.

On its territory, there are multiple nationalities and ethnic groups represented, such as Japanese. Highways and other transport links are characterized by a rather left-side road traffic. Traveling by car, people can drive 1218772 km of roadways. Railway surfaces by length cover a total area of 27311 km. Japan merchant ships, tankers, and other types of maritime transport have access to 1770 km of waterways.

Regular telecommunication operations are performed with the use of 81 prefix. Citizens and residents of the country use JPY as the main currency to purchase goods and pay for services. Most people in Japan live according to the Asia/Tokyo time zone, which is also the one used in Tokyo.

More about Japan

Official languages Japanese
Nationalities Japanese
Road traffic Left
Domain zone .jp
Phone codes 81
Currencies JPY
Life expectancy males Ø 81,3 years
Life expectancy females Ø 87,3 years
Birthrate 7,4 ‰
Deathrate 11,0 ‰
Males/Females 48,8%/51,2%


GDP 2,02 bn $
Exportations 904,88 bn $
Importations 900,30 bn $
Tourism receipts 49,21 bn $
Unemployment rate 3,0%
Inflation rate 0,48%
Corruption index 74 (good)
Energy consumption 943,7 bn kWh

Land use

29% Urban areas 108678 km²
12% Agricultural areas 46604 km²
68% Forest 258758 km²
0% Water areas 13410 km²


Roadways 1218772 km
Railways 27311 km
Waterways 1770 km
Commercial harbors 5017
Airports 251

Japan cities by first letter

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ARG Flag of Argentina Argentina South America Buenos Aires 18256 km
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FLK Flag of Falkland Islands Falkland Islands South America - 17990 km
PRY Flag of Paraguay Paraguay South America Asuncion 17903 km
CHL Flag of Chile Chile South America Santiago 17582 km
BRA Flag of Brazil Brazil South America Brasilia 17260 km
BOL Flag of Bolivia Bolivia South America Sucre 16947 km
ATA Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica - 15614 km
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PRK Flag of North Korea North Korea Asia Pyongyang 843 km
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TWN Flag of Taiwan Taiwan Asia Taipei 2137 km
MNP Flag of Northern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana Islands Oceania Saipan 2650 km
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MNG Flag of Mongolia Mongolia Asia - 2859 km
CHN Flag of China China Asia Beijing 2875 km
RUS Flag of Russia Russia Europe Moscow 3177 km

There are many ways to find how far is Japan (JP) from other places on map, North pole, Equator or South pole, there are 2 common methods - the distance calculated in kilometers and miles by Haversine formula.

From Japan to Haversine
North pole 5839 km 3628 mil
Equator 13912 km 8645 mil
South pole 14176 km 8809 mil

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People also ask - FAQ

The most longest distances between Japan and Uruguay is 18771 kilometers or 11664 miles.
The most smallest distances between Japan and North Korea is 843 kilometers or 524 miles.
We found information about 18270 cities.
The capital of JP is Tokyo with population in 2022 over 37977000 people.
The area of Japan (JP) is 364555 square kilometers.
Yes, Japan is part of the continent of Asia.
Official name of JP is Japan.
Japan has approximately 251 airports.