Singapore airports list

Complete list of 8 airports in Singapore, in the card of each airport you can find it's location on the map, coordinates, codes and weather for today, current time and date at airport SG. With a handy filter, you can find airports in Singapore by name, IATA code, ICAO code and size.

Country Singapore
Country ISO codes SG / SGP
Continent Asia
Continent code AS
Capital Singapore
Total airports 8
Name IATA ICAO Country City Size Elevation amsl Latitude Longitude
Singapore Changi Airport SIN WSSS Flag of Singapore Singapore L 6,66 m / 22 ft 1.350190 103.994003
Seletar Airport XSP WSSL Flag of Singapore Singapore M 11 m / 36 ft 1.416950 103.867996
Paya Lebar Air Base Airport QPG WSAP Flag of Singapore Singapore M - 1.360420 103.910004
Changi Air Base (East) Airport - WSAC Flag of Singapore - M 7 m / 22 ft 1.344140 104.009003
Sembawang Air Base Airport - WSAG Flag of Singapore - M 26 m / 86 ft 1.425260 103.813004
Tengah Air Base Airport TGA WSAT Flag of Singapore - M 15 m / 50 ft 1.387561 103.708291
Pulau Sudong Military Airstrip Airport - - Flag of Singapore - S - 1.205320 103.719002
Lim Chu Kang Road (Emergency Strip) Airport - - Flag of Singapore - S - 1.390671 103.698435

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The biggest Airport in Singapore by the length of the runway is Whetstone International Airport. The runway is 13531 meters long.
The smallest Airport in Singapore by the length of the runway is Andrews County Airport. The runway is 8 meters long.
At the end of 2020, 8 operating airports were registered in the Singapore, including passenger, cargo and military ones.