World cities list

Complete list of 1208701 cities of the world, in the card of each city you can find populations, location on the map, coordinates, weather for today, current time and date at world cities. With a handy filter, you can find city by name, populations, density or time zone.

List off all cities

City name City population Country Time zone Airports City IATA Latitude Longitude
Braganca 35341 Portugal Europe/Lisbon 1 BGC 41.816666 -6.750000
Kadugli 176931 Sudan Africa/Khartoum 0 KDX 11.008555 29.710332
Southport 31908 Australia Australia/Brisbane 1 SHQ -27.951944 153.427780
Yoshkar-Ola 266675 Russia Europe/Moscow 1 JOK 56.716667 47.900000
Duluth 119476 United States America/Chicago 1 DLH 46.786672 -92.100485
Malelane - South Africa Africa/Johannesburg 1 LLE -25.466667 31.566668
Kerman 573449 Iran Asia/Tehran 1 KER 30.258778 56.961920
Graz 263234 Austria Europe/Vienna 1 GRZ 46.994125 15.444928
Galway 79504 Ireland Europe/Dublin 1 GWY 53.283333 -9.033333
Copper Mountain 571 United States America/Denver 0 QCE 39.504399 -106.140290
Uige 322531 Angola Africa/Luanda 1 UGO -7.816667 15.150000
Comitan 170000 Mexico America/Mexico_City 1 CJT 16.166668 -92.050000
Bella Union 19100 Uruguay America/Montevideo 1 BUV -30.333332 -57.083332
Kabala - Sierra Leone Africa/Freetown 1 KBA 9.333333 -12.000000
Port Alfred 17959 South Africa Africa/Johannesburg 1 AFD -33.583332 26.883333

Every traveler would like to know at least basic information about their destination, especially when plotting the route by themselves. To help them in planning their trips smartly, our service provides a list of all populated places, from major cities to small towns, across the globe.

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By clicking on the name of a city in the table, you can see further details about the settlement, including current time, weather conditions, and more. The city coordinates in the latitude and longitude format are also provided for you to easily calculate a distance between different places with the help of our online calculator.

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