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Free clock widget for website

Want to install a free digital clock widget on your website? Just use our constructor, choose the data to display on the widget and copy the code! It's free!



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WARNING: clock widget is copyrighted. You are not allowed to make any changes or modifications to the clock widget code.

Terms of use

  1. Usage in scripts and apps is not allowed
  2. Your web page must not refresh automatically
  3. The widget comes with no warranty
  4. The widget code provided by must be posted without any changes
  5. will block your widget if these conditions are not met

What is a digital clock widget?

A digital clock widget displays current date and time, world time, as well as other criteria, depending on settings. Of course, people have plenty of clocks. They are displayed at the bottom part of your desktop, you likely have it installed on your phone, and there may be plenty of physical clocks in your house. Nonetheless, it may be a really good idea to set one on your website.

Whether you have a blog, portfolio, online store and something else, adding a nice customizable clock widget may be helpful. People will appreciate this convenience that will not cost them a lower speed of loads. Eventually, users often need to know what time it is, and even setting them free from a single move that they need to do to find their standard clock will be appreciated.

How to install a free digital clock widget?

First of all, you should note that it is a totally free clock widget for a website. Everything works extremely simply. The first step will be adjusting the setting of the clock. Just choose the preferred options.

The second step will be pasting the code on your site. That is all! Now, you have a nice HTML time widget. It will be displayed right after publishing the results.

Benefits of the widget

If you are not sure whether you need to install such widgets on your web site, you can check out the benefits of doing that:

  • They are useful tools
  • It is totally free to install them
  • They are easy to customize and install
  • Such widgets will not slow down the performance of your site
  • The widgets are fully adapted for mobile devices
  • No Flash is used in the widgets
  • They are adapted to match all Google requirements


There is a range of settings that can be customized to make your digital clock work perfectly. They include the following:

  • Widget title
  • City
  • Country
  • Coordinates
  • Current time
  • Date
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Duration of a day
  • Time zone

As you can see, such clocks come with decent functionality.


Checking out how a digital clock widget will look on your website is a matter of a few minutes. By simply adjusting the settings and inserting the code on your website, you will have this nice clock installed. This service is free; so, there is no risk really. No problems with your site performance will be encountered. If you do not like something about the widget, it will take you very little time to uninstall it from your website. The widget will be perfectly displayed on various mobile devices.

People also ask - FAQ

It will be a nice and useful element of your site, regardless of its theme. Also, it is a totally free tool; so, you do not have to pay any money for it.
Once all the settings have been selected, you will get the code. You will need to insert it on your website, where you wish to have the clock.
No, it is a lightweight code that will not affect the performance of your website.
If you do not need this widget anymore, you can simply delete the code from your website, and it will be gone.
Simply select the necessary settings. This is how you will get a widget that fully matches your requirements.