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Distance from Chile to Albania

Name Chile Albania
Country flag Flag of Chile Flag of Albania
Country ISO code CL / CHL AL / ALB
Continent South America Europe
Continent code SA EU
Capital Santiago Tirana
Total cities 591 543
Cost of living Cost of living in Chile Cost of living in Albania
DD coordinates -36.739055 / -71.057494 41.152906 / 20.160572
DMS coordinates -36°44'20.60" S / -71°03'26.98" W 41°09'10.46" N / 20°09'38.06" E
UTM coordinates 19H 316297.25157842 5932100.9795655 34T 429565.85477429 4556070.8321648
Time zone America/Havana Europe/Tirane
Straight distance from Chile to Albania is 12674 kilometers (7875 miles).

Travel information from Chile to Albania

If you travel from Chile to Albania by plane, your trip will be over in 14 hours, 4 minutes.

You can also cover the distance of 7875 miles (12674 km) between CL and AL in other convenient ways: by bus, personal car, train or ship.

You can figure out how many hours the journey from Chile to Albania will take by choosing a transport type and adding an expected number of stops.

Depart from Chile (CL)
Arrives in Albania (AL)
Chile to Albania distance 12674 km / 7875 mil
Avg car duration 140 hours, 49 minutes (90 km/h)
Avg bus duration 211 hours, 14 minutes (60 km/h)
Avg train duration 126 hours, 44 minutes (100 km/h)
Avg flight duration 14 hours, 4 minutes (900 km/h)

* Estimated time when driving in a straight line at the same speed.

Distance calculator from CL to AL

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Distance converter

There are many ways to find how far is Chile from Albania, the distance calculated in kilometers and miles by Haversine formula - distance between coordinates: -36.739055 / -71.057494 (CL) and 41.152906 / 20.160572 (AL).


Find out the distance from Chile to Albania using our online calculator to plan your trip with maximum comfort, understanding the CL to AL distance is also helpful for choosing the most suitable mode of transport.

To learn an answer to the question "How far is Chile from Albania?", enter the countries names or opt for our list of cities for each destination. Geographically, your departure coordinates are -36.739055 / -71.057494 while you arrive at 41.152906 / 20.160572. The calculator shows the shortest distance between CL and AL and illustrates the route as a straight line on the map.

So, how far is it from Chile to Albania? The distance is 12674 km / 7875 mil, and it displays remoteness based on the haversine formula, which factors in the spherical shape of the Earth for more precise results.

Also, the service will show you how many hours from Chile to Albania by air, car and other modes of transport according to the average speed of each transportation type. For example, the flight time is 15 hours, 5 minutes while the IATA country codes are (CL to AL).

Reverse direction from Albania to Chile.

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People also ask - FAQ

The shortest way from CL and AL is 12674 kilometers = 7875 miles.
To get from CL to AL by plane, you need to travel 12674 kilometers = 7875 miles. With an average plane speed of 560 miles, the journey to AL will take about 14 hours, 4 minutes.
You’ll spend approximately 211 hours, 14 minutes travelling from Chile (CL) to Albania (AL), but you also need to factor in possible stops for a night’s rest, food breaks, refueling your car, and others pauses.
Yes, you can travel to Chile from Albania provided that the entry regulations are met.