Distance from Lithuania to Saint Barthelemy

Name Lithuania Saint Barthelemy
Country flag Flag of Lithuania Flag of Saint Barthelemy
Country ISO code LT / LTU BL / BLM
Continent Europe North America
Continent code EU NA
Capital Vilnius -
Total cities 711 27
Cost of living Cost of living in Lithuania -
DD coordinates 55.173600 / 23.894802 17.913922 / -62.833852
DMS coordinates 55°10'24.96" N / 23°53'41.29" E 17°54'50.12" N / -62°50'1.87" W
UTM coordinates 34U 684348.59236614 6117933.9239537 20Q 517597.38629216 1980670.1188198
Time zone Europe/Vilnius -
Airports Airports in Lithuania: 52 Airports in Saint Barthelemy: 1
Straight distance from Lithuania to Saint Barthelemy is 8176 kilometers (5080 miles).

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There are many ways to find how far is Lithuania from Saint Barthelemy, the distance calculated in kilometers and miles by Haversine formula - distance between coordinates: 55.173600 / 23.894802 (LT) and 17.913922 / -62.833852 (BL).


When trying to get from Lithuania to Saint Barthelemy, a traveler needs to cover the distance of 8176 km / 5080 mil. Surely, both LT and BL are big enough for the distance to vary considerably depending on how it is measured.

Commonly, the shortest distance is calculated as the crow flies, meaning the most direct path between two points. However, to get more precise results, it is important to specify the remoteness of these points. So, the distance is shown as a straight line between the departure coordinates of 55.173600 / 23.894802 and the arrival coordinates of 17.913922 / -62.833852.

Obviously, the fastest way to travel from Lithuania to Saint Barthelemy is by plane. Given the average speed of modern aircraft, the flight time is estimated as 9 hours, 44 minutes. Yet, the flight length may also vary based on a number of factors, such as the speed of a specific airliner, its route, and airports of departure and arrival.

Besides, the time is calculated without transfer activities, which may involve different modes of transportation. So, how far is it from Lithuania to Saint Barthelemy? The average figures for different transportation options are shown on this web page, calculated by a precise formula of spherical trigonometry.

Reverse direction from Saint Barthelemy to Lithuania.

Travel time by different modes of transport

Depart from Lithuania (LT)
Arrives in Saint Barthelemy (BL)
Lithuania to Saint Barthelemy distance 8176 km / 5080 mil
Avg car duration 90 hours, 50 minutes (90 km/h)
Avg bus duration 136 hours, 16 minutes (60 km/h)
Avg train duration 81 hours, 45 minutes (100 km/h)
Avg flight duration 9 hours, 5 minutes (900 km/h)

* Estimated time when driving in a straight line at the same speed.

Lithuania and Saint Barthelemy on map

People also ask - FAQ

The shortest distance between LT and BL is 8176 kilometers = 5080 miles, the calculation is carried out using the formula Haversine between latitude / longitude points on the Earth's surface, using an ellipsoidal model.
The shortest flight distance from LT to BL is 8176 kilometers = 5080 miles. If you travel by airplane (average speed of 560 miles) flight time to BL takes approximately 9 hours, 5 minutes.
It will take you about 136 hours, 16 minutes to drive from Lithuania (LT) to Saint Barthelemy (BL), plus time for stops like food breaks, bathroom breaks, gas breaks and overnight stays.
Yes, but conditions apply when entering Lithuania from Saint Barthelemy.