Name Mexico (Cost of living)
Country ISO codes MX / MEX
Continent North America
Continent code NA
Capital Mexico City
Area 1943950
DD coordinates 23.626033 / -102.537501
DMS coordinates 23°37'33.72" N / -102°32'15.00" W
UTM coordinates 13Q 751234.77847938 2614988.8120119
Total cities 9011
Flag of Mexico

Mexico on map

Mexico is a part of the North America continent. It's geographical location is subject to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standardization, which, for Mexico, is MX.

It's territory covers an area of 1943950 square kilometers. The country’s administration comes from Mexico City, the capital city of Mexico. On nationwide level, Mexico is declared to be the official language(es) of the country.

On its territory, there are multiple nationalities and ethnic groups represented, such as Mexicans. Highways and other transport links are characterized by a rather right-side road traffic. Traveling by car, people can drive 398148 km of roadways. Railway surfaces by length cover a total area of 20825 km. Mexico merchant ships, tankers, and other types of maritime transport have access to 2900 km of waterways.

Regular telecommunication operations are performed with the use of 52 prefix. Citizens and residents of the country use MXN as the main currency to purchase goods and pay for services. Most people in Mexico live according to the America/Mexico_City time zone, which is also the one used in Mexico City.

More about Mexico

Official languages Mexico
Nationalities Mexicans
Road traffic Right
Domain zone .mx
Phone codes 52
Currencies MXN
Life expectancy males Ø 72,1 years
Life expectancy females Ø 77,8 years
Birthrate 17,6 ‰
Deathrate 6,0 ‰
Males/Females 48,9%/51,1%


GDP 2,02 bn $
Exportations 492,73 bn $
Importations 495,79 bn $
Tourism receipts 25,85 bn $
Unemployment rate 4,7%
Inflation rate 3,64%
Corruption index 31 (bad)
Energy consumption 258,7 bn kWh

Land use

5% Urban areas 102418 km²
55% Agricultural areas 1078245 km²
34% Forest 667298 km²
0% Water areas 20425 km²
6% Others 116413 km²


Roadways 398148 km
Railways 20825 km
Waterways 2900 km
Commercial harbors 637
Airports 1238

Mexico cities by first letter

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There are many ways to find how far is Mexico (MX) from other places on map, North pole, Equator or South pole, there are 2 common methods - the distance calculated in kilometers and miles by Haversine formula.

From Mexico to Haversine
North pole 7380 km 4586 mil
Equator 11283 km 7011 mil
South pole 12635 km 7851 mil

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People also ask - FAQ

The most longest distances between Mexico and Mauritius is 17941 kilometers or 11148 miles.
The most smallest distances between Mexico and Guatemala is 1555 kilometers or 966 miles.
We found information about 9011 cities.
The capital of MX is Mexico City with population in 2022 over 20996000 people.
The area of Mexico (MX) is 1943950 square kilometers.
Yes, Mexico is part of the continent of North America.
Official name of MX is The United Mexican States.
Mexico has approximately 1238 airports.