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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States (US)

City name Little Rock
Name of the highest level administration Arkansas
Admin type State
Capital Admin
Continent North America
Country United States
Country flag Flag of United States
Population 439815
Density 634
Airports in Little Rock 1

Current time in Little Rock now

Little Rock


Friday, May 20, 2022


United States





Time zone: America/Chicago

Coordinates: 34.727432 / -92.221375

Day length: 18:05

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Where is Little Rock located in United States (US) on map

Latitude: 34.727432 | Longitude: -92.221375 | IATA code: LIT

Little Rock is located in United States, which is labeled as US based on the ISO 3166 standard. Situated in North America, Little Rock falls into the America/Chicago zone, so you need to keep in mind a possible time lag. The coordinates of Little Rock in the latitude and longitude format are 34.727432 / -92.221375 — you can use them to spot the city on our map when planning a trip.

According to the recent census, the main ethnic groups residing in United States are Americans. The population of Little Rock is currently estimated at 439815.

The list of the official languages includes American English, but you can expect greater linguistic and cultural diversity in areas focused on international tourism. Little Rock offers enough hotels and apartments to ensure a comfortable stay for different budgets. If you are going to take a tour to Little Rock, make sure to exchange your personal current capital into USD, USN, which is officially in circulation in United States.

Thanks to our online calculator, you can learn what distance you need to travel and how to get from your place to Little Rock in the best possible way. When figuring out how to get to Little Rock by plane, take into account that the city has 1 airports nearby. If you give preference to air transport, the IATA city code for Little Rock is LIT.

There are many ways to find how far is Little Rock (US) from other places on map, North pole, Equator or South pole, there is one common method - distance, calculated in kilometers and miles using the Haversine formula.

From Little Rock to Haversine
North pole 6146 km 3819 mil
Equator 10211 km 6345 mil
South pole 16147 km 10033 mil

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Cities near Little Rock (US)

City name Latitude Longitude Distance
Orlando (US) 28.533611 -81.386667 1234 km
Denver (US) 39.739154 -104.984703 1258 km
Las Vegas (US) 36.114646 -115.172816 2080 km
Dallas (US) 32.802955 -96.769923 472 km
Chicago (US) 41.878114 -87.629798 890 km
Houston (US) 29.762778 -95.383056 627 km
Atlanta (US) 33.748995 -84.387982 728 km
Miami (US) 25.788969 -80.226439 1519 km
Memphis (US) 35.149534 -90.048980 203 km
San Diego (US) 32.715329 -117.157255 2311 km

People also ask - FAQ

The population of Little Rock is approximately 439815 people. An estimate of the population per square kilometer at the lat/lng - 634.
Yes, Little Rock is part of United States.
The city timezone in the TZ database format - America/Chicago.
Little Rock (US) has approximately 1 airports.
Yes, Little Rock is part of the continent of North America.
The most longest distances between Little Rock and Perth is 17397 kilometers or 10810 miles.
The most smallest distances between Little Rock and El Dorado is 176 kilometers or 110 miles.