Kiribati - KI

Name Kiribati
Country ISO codes KI / KIR
Continent Oceania
Continent code OC
Capital -
Area 810
DD coordinates 1.870919 / -157.362601
DMS coordinates 1°52'15.31" N / -157°21'45.36" W
UTM coordinates 4N 682129.92952942 206878.42821982
Total cities 62
Flag of Kiribati

Kiribati on map

Kiribati is a part of the Oceania continent. It's geographical location is subject to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standardization, which, for Kiribati, is KI.

It's territory covers an area of 810 square kilometers. On nationwide level, English, Gilbertese is declared to be the official language(es) of the country.

On its territory, there are multiple nationalities and ethnic groups represented, such as Kiribati. Highways and other transport links are characterized by a rather left-side road traffic. Traveling by car, people can drive 670 km of roadways. Kiribati merchant ships, tankers, and other types of maritime transport have access to 5 km of waterways.

Regular telecommunication operations are performed with the use of 686 prefix. Citizens and residents of the country use AUD as the main currency to purchase goods and pay for services.

More about Kiribati

Official languages English, Gilbertese
Nationalities Kiribati
Road traffic Left
Domain zone .ki
Phone codes 686
Currencies AUD
Life expectancy males Ø 64,0 years
Life expectancy females Ø 72,1 years
Birthrate 27,9 ‰
Deathrate 6,3 ‰
Males/Females 49,2%/50,8%


GDP 2,02 bn $
Exportations 19,2 M $
Importations 170,5 M $
Tourism receipts 5,17 M $
Unemployment rate 30,6%
Inflation rate -1,88%
Energy consumption 27,0 M kWh

Land use

0% Urban areas 4 km²
42% Agricultural areas 340 km²
15% Forest 122 km²
43% Others 345 km²


Roadways 670 km
Waterways 5 km
Commercial harbors 89
Airports 21

Kiribati cities by first letter

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ISO 2 Flag Name Continent Capital Distance
COD Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa Kinshasa 19755 km
RWA Flag of Rwanda Rwanda Africa Kigali 19210 km
BDI Flag of Burundi Burundi Africa Bujumbura 19188 km
COG Flag of Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo Africa Brazzaville 19144 km
CAF Flag of Central African Republic Central African Republic Africa Bangui 19052 km
UGA Flag of Uganda Uganda Africa - 18882 km
AGO Flag of Angola Angola Africa Luanda 18851 km
GAB Flag of Gabon Gabon Africa Libreville 18784 km
SSD Flag of South Sudan South Sudan Africa Juba 18679 km
ZMB Flag of Zambia Zambia Africa Lusaka 18637 km
ISO 2 Flag Name Continent Capital Distance
TKL Flag of Tokelau Tokelau Oceania - 2018 km
ASM Flag of American Samoa American Samoa Oceania Pago Pago 2322 km
PYF Flag of French Polynesia French Polynesia Oceania Papeete 2344 km
WSM Flag of Samoa Samoa Oceania Apia 2379 km
COK Flag of Cook Islands Cook Islands Oceania - 2583 km
NIU Flag of Niue Niue Oceania - 2698 km
TUV Flag of Tuvalu Tuvalu Oceania - 2854 km
WLF Flag of Wallis and Futuna Wallis and Futuna Oceania - 2906 km
TON Flag of Tonga Tonga Oceania - 3216 km
FJI Flag of Fiji Fiji Oceania Suva 3345 km

There are many ways to find how far is Kiribati (KI) from other places on map, North pole, Equator or South pole, there are 2 common methods - the distance calculated in kilometers and miles by Haversine formula.

From Kiribati to Haversine
North pole 9800 km 6089 mil
Equator 17490 km 10868 mil
South pole 10216 km 6348 mil

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People also ask - FAQ

The most longest distances between Kiribati and Democratic Republic of the Congo is 19755 kilometers or 12275 miles.
The most smallest distances between Kiribati and Tokelau is 2018 kilometers or 1254 miles.
We found information about 62 cities.
The area of Kiribati (KI) is 810 square kilometers.
Yes, Kiribati is part of the continent of Oceania.
Official name of KI is The Republic of Kiribati.
Kiribati has approximately 21 airports.