Pitcairn Islands - PN

Name Pitcairn Islands
Country ISO codes PN / PCN
Continent Oceania
Continent code OC
Capital -
Area 47
DD coordinates -24.376745 / -128.324235
DMS coordinates -24°22'36.28" S / -128°19'27.25" W
UTM coordinates 9J 568532.23247798 7303894.6976308
Total cities 1
Flag of Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn Islands on map

Pitcairn Islands is a part of the Oceania continent. It's geographical location is subject to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standardization, which, for Pitcairn Islands, is PN.

It's territory covers an area of 47 square kilometers. On nationwide level, English, Tahitian is declared to be the official language(es) of the country.

On its territory, there are multiple nationalities and ethnic groups represented, such as Islanders. Highways and other transport links are characterized by a rather left-side road traffic.

Regular telecommunication operations are performed with the use of 64 prefix. Citizens and residents of the country use NZD as the main currency to purchase goods and pay for services.

More about Pitcairn Islands

Official languages English, Tahitian
Nationalities Islanders
Road traffic Left
Domain zone .pn
Phone codes 64
Currencies NZD


Exportations 0,0 M $
Importations 0,0 M $

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ISO 2 Flag Name Continent Capital Distance
QAT Flag of Qatar Qatar Asia Doha 19899 km
BHR Flag of Bahrain Bahrain Asia - 19810 km
ARE Flag of United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Asia Abu Dhabi 19786 km
OMN Flag of Oman Oman Asia Muscat 19477 km
SAU Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Asia Riyadh 19350 km
KWT Flag of Kuwait Kuwait Asia - 19327 km
IRN Flag of Iran Iran Asia Tehran 19099 km
YEM Flag of Yemen Yemen Asia - 18968 km
IRQ Flag of Iraq Iraq Asia Baghdad 18762 km
ERI Flag of Eritrea Eritrea Africa Asmara 18407 km
ISO 2 Flag Name Continent Capital Distance
PYF Flag of French Polynesia French Polynesia Oceania Papeete 2305 km
COK Flag of Cook Islands Cook Islands Oceania - 3236 km
KIR Flag of Kiribati Kiribati Oceania - 4283 km
NIU Flag of Niue Niue Oceania - 4316 km
ASM Flag of American Samoa American Samoa Oceania Pago Pago 4565 km
WSM Flag of Samoa Samoa Oceania Apia 4729 km
TON Flag of Tonga Tonga Oceania - 4788 km
TKL Flag of Tokelau Tokelau Oceania - 4904 km
WLF Flag of Wallis and Futuna Wallis and Futuna Oceania - 5312 km
FJI Flag of Fiji Fiji Oceania Suva 5468 km

There are many ways to find how far is Pitcairn Islands (PN) from other places on map, North pole, Equator or South pole, there are 2 common methods - the distance calculated in kilometers and miles by Haversine formula.

From Pitcairn Islands to Haversine
North pole 12718 km 7903 mil
Equator 13832 km 8595 mil
South pole 7297 km 4534 mil

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People also ask - FAQ

The most longest distances between Pitcairn Islands and Qatar is 19899 kilometers or 12365 miles.
The most smallest distances between Pitcairn Islands and French Polynesia is 2305 kilometers or 1432 miles.
We found information about 1 cities.
The area of Pitcairn Islands (PN) is 47 square kilometers.
Yes, Pitcairn Islands is part of the continent of Oceania.
Official name of PN is Pitcairn Islands.