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Distance calculator

An online resource that enables visitors to easily use maps in order to measure distance between two points.

On the site you can find detailed information about continents, countries and cities.

Distance calculator finds the distance between cities and countries and shows the distance in kilometers or miles. Air distance is also drawn on the distance map.

Type the country name, city name or the location coordinates in lat long format and hit measure button to calculate the distance between two points on the map. Find the distance from countries or cities in kilometers and miles for flying air distance.

Distance calculator
246 Countries
1208701 Cities
41339 Airports

Distance converter

There are many ways to find how far is location from others locations, countries or cities, the distance calculated in kilometers and miles by Haversine formula.


Popular countries

Country Flag Continent Country code Capital Population Currency Area Latitude Longitude
Puerto Rico Flag of Puerto Rico North America PR San Juan 2860853 USD 887 18.198719 -66.352675
El Salvador Flag of El Salvador North America SV San Salvador 6486205 USD, SVC 2072 13.802994 -88.905336
Cuba Flag of Cuba North America CU - 11326616 CUC, CUP 10644 21.551326 -79.601735
Costa Rica Flag of Costa Rica North America CR San Jose 5094118 CRC 5106 9.630189 -84.254184
Belize Flag of Belize North America BZ Belmopan 397628 BZD 2281 17.190781 -88.359658
Aruba Flag of Aruba North America AW - 106766 AWG 180 12.517572 -69.964946
Thailand Flag of Thailand Asia TH Bangkok 69799978 THB 51089 13.038870 101.490104
Mexico Flag of Mexico North America MX Mexico City 128932753 MXN 1943950 23.626033 -102.537501
Maldives Flag of Maldives Asia MV Male 540544 MVR 300 1.977247 73.536103
Japan Flag of Japan Asia JP Tokyo 126476461 JPY 364555 37.490032 136.466401
Jordan Flag of Jordan Asia JO Amman 10203134 JOD 8878 31.279862 37.129745
Jamaica Flag of Jamaica North America JM Kingston 2961167 JMD 1083 18.115517 -77.276003
Italy Flag of Italy Europe IT Rome 60461826 EUR 29414 41.292460 12.573611
Iceland Flag of Iceland Europe IS Reykjavik 341243 ISK 10025 64.931276 -19.021170
India Flag of India Asia IN - 1380004385 INR 2973190 21.128996 82.779220
Ireland Flag of Ireland Europe IE - 4937786 EUR 6889 53.428665 -8.332080
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