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An online resource that enables visitors to easily use maps in order to measure distance between two points.

On the site you can find detailed information about continents, countries and cities.

Distance calculator finds the distance between cities and countries and shows the distance in kilometers or miles. Air distance is also drawn on the distance map.

Type the country name, city name or the location coordinates in lat long format and hit measure button to calculate the distance between two points on the map. Find the distance from countries or cities in kilometers and miles for flying air distance.

Distance calculator
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Distance converter

There are many ways to find how far is location from others locations, countries or cities, the distance calculated in kilometers and miles by Haversine formula.


Popular countries

Country Flag Continent Country code Capital Population Currency Area Latitude Longitude
Australia Flag of Australia Oceania AU Canberra 25499884 AUD 7682300 -26.439092 133.281323
Canada Flag of Canada North America CA Ottawa 37742154 CAD 9093510 56.000000 -96.000000
Germany Flag of Germany Europe DE Berlin 83783942 EUR 34856 51.164229 10.454119
New Zealand Flag of New Zealand Oceania NZ Wellington 4822233 NZD 26331 -43.374488 172.466271
China Flag of China Asia CN Beijing 1439323776 CNY 9388211 35.859295 104.136112
Indonesia Flag of Indonesia Asia ID Jakarta 273523615 IDR 1811570 -2.548926 118.014863
India Flag of India Asia IN - 1380004385 INR 2973190 21.128996 82.779220
Japan Flag of Japan Asia JP Tokyo 126476461 JPY 364555 37.490032 136.466401
Kuwait Flag of Kuwait Asia KW - 4270571 KWD 1782 29.314076 47.491749
Sri Lanka Flag of Sri Lanka Asia LK Colombo 21413249 LKR 6271 7.877422 80.700343
Maldives Flag of Maldives Asia MV Male 540544 MVR 300 1.977247 73.536103
Philippines Flag of Philippines Asia PH Manila 109581078 PHP 29817 11.697835 122.621754
Russia Flag of Russia Europe RU Moscow 145934462 RUB 16376870 55.000000 103.000000
Saudi Arabia Flag of Saudi Arabia Asia SA Riyadh 34813871 SAR 2149690 24.266906 45.107849
Singapore Flag of Singapore Asia SG Singapore 5850342 SGD 700 1.314663 103.845409
Nepal Flag of Nepal Asia NP Kathmandu 29136808 NPR 14335 28.397362 84.125760
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